Welcome to Grand Central Restaurant Group

Providing Expert Consulting Services to the Restaurant Industry

The Grand Central Restaurant Group provides a full line of consulting services to the restaurant industry. Our specialty is working with small- to medium-sized restaurants and food service outlets to streamline their operations and increase profitability. No turnaround situation is too large or complex…we work with all government agencies, landlords and tax authorities to settle outstanding issues. Our experienced partners are able to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate what needs to be done to maximize the return on your investment.

It is crucial, at this particular time in our industry, to design operations in such a way as to minimize the actual number of employees on your payroll. Healthcare mandates, on a national level, and living wage and sick day mandates, on a local level, will sink your operation if you're unprepared for this new and challenging environment. We can show you how to increase the efficiency of your operation and actually enhance customer service with fewer employees. We can work with management, chefs and servers and get this all done within the culture of your organization and without stepping on toes.

We work quickly, cost-effectively and results are guaranteed!

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